See below the steps we have taken to ensure the safety of the limited amount of personal data NYC Wedding Entertainment LLC. deals with:

  1. The only data we hold for our customers is email addresses and mobile telephones with the customer's explicit permission. Explicit means they have to say "yes", rather than "opt out".

  2. Customers have the right to be "forgotten", and will be removed from circulation list on request

  3. The data we hold (email addresses) will only be used for legitimate business reasons, and will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties

  4. Data is held only in secure, password-protected electronic format, and access is restricted to the Company Manager.

  5. Any group emails offering services are sent using only b.c.c addressees

  6. Any data stored for musicians and deputy musicians is to be used solely for the purposes of work and performance opportunities, and will only comprise of their email addresses and mobile telephone numbers obtained with the consent of the musicians. These details will also be in an encrypted file and access is restricted to the respective group's musical directors and the Company Manager.

How is the personal data stored?

Via encrypted digital files produced by an app called Encrypto, protected by a unique password.


Where does the data come from?

The data we possess comes from clients themselves and the contact we have with them. When we begin the process of a booking, on the booking form you will be asked to fill in your email address and phone number.


Why do you need our email addresses and phone numbers?

The process of booking bespoke entertainment requires close contact between a client and the company so that details can be organised. It is important that the Manager is able to contact clients at will to organise details of the event. With dep musicians, it is important to have contact numbers in order to quickly contact musicians should one be required at last minute, as well as contacting the contracted musicians on the day of the performance should there be any need to.


How long do you hold on to the data?

Your details will be stored after the booking, but only for debriefing and reviewing purposes unless the client wishes to discuss further work. Musicians will be kept on file for any future work unless they ask to be removed from the list.

Statement of Compliance - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), w/e/f 25/05/2018)

  1. We will comply with Data Protection Law when it comes to processing your data; this says that personal information we hold about you must be:Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way

  2. Collected only for valid purposes that we have clearly explained to you, and not used in any way that is incompatible with those purposes

  3. Relevant to the purposes we have told you about and limited to those purposes

  4. Accurate and kept up to date

  5. Kept only as long as necessary for the purposes we have told you about

  6. Kept securely